Shop Layout

A unique service offered by DES is our Shop Layout service. Using AutoCAD design software, we help you design your complete manufacturing facility. 



When you purchase equipment from DES, you're not just buying a piece of equipment. You're buying our knowledge and years of experience to help integrate it into your system and grow your profitability. 



We customize training specifically for your company, operations, and staff. During installation of your machine, we focus on educating yourself and your operators on the mechanics of your new equipment, and how to properly maintain and run the necessary programs.


Maintenance Plans

Maintaining your equipment and processes prevents costly downtime and productivity losses. DES offers annual preventative maintenance and process evaluation plans for CNC Routers, CNC Granite/Marble saws, polishing/profiling line machines and more.



Our team doesn't just show up to repair your machine, we are also trained to observe your full process and assist wherever we can, in tooling, programming, routine maintenance tasks, material handling, or staff training. Often, with proper awareness and training, the cause of the problem can be avoided from repeating in the future.



Whether you are operating older equipment, using older software or just want to discuss ways you can automate your production process, we can help you decide where to start. Upgrades can expand the capabilities of the equipment, improve overall productivity and reduce labor costs. 


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