DES Training Includes:

•  Software

•  Programming

•  Tooling Education

•  Material Handling

•  Machine Operation

•  Basic Maintenance

•  CNC Router Training

•  Software Training

•  Reinforcement Training


Training is customized specifically for your company,

operations, and staff. 


During installation of your machine we focus on educating yourself and your operators on the mechanics of your new equipment, and how to properly maintain and run the necessary programs.


As these operators come and go, commonly we see they may mean to train their replacement, but often the training that actually happens is very little or even non-existent. Then the new operator takes over with little or none of the knowledge and skill set needed. This results in poor performance of the machine, and a huge impact on overall productivity. 


If this sounds familiar, know that we're here for you with on-site and remote support, so you can keep yourself and your staff trained and able to transition smoothly as your company changes and grows.


We're also experts in overall process improvement, whether it be in tooling, programming, material handling, or staff training. Sometimes a small change can make a big difference, so don't feel like you have to wait until your operator quits or changes to reach out for advice and support!






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